You’ll get the curls you’ve always dreamed of:

Reduces Frizz & Static.
Adds Unparalleled Shine.
Customizable Temperature 
Suitable for All Hair Types.
Perfect Curls & No Heat Damage.

WAS $129.95 
Now $59.95
 60% OFF (Today Only) 
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Save your time & achieve salon results!

This patented automatic technology will allow you to wrap around your hair and create curls automatically within 
8 seconds at home, or wherever you go!

WHY EasyCurl®?

✔️ Create beautiful curls or waves anytime, anywhere with the EasyCurl® cordless auto curler.

✔️ Easy to use, No Skill Required ~ replacement for your traditional curling iron or curling wand. 

✔️ Works for all hair types (thick, fine, wavy, & super thick/frizzy).

✔️ Up to 60-minute cord-free run time. 

✔️ Multi-directional curl action (left, right, or mixed) with anti-tangle protection.

✔️ 2oo° C highest heat for professional curl results.

✔️ 3 Heat / 4 Timer Settings allowing you to create tight to loose curls and waves anytime, anywhere with Auto Off feature; Auto Off feature ~ device will shut off automatically after 15 minutes, if left on and idle, to preserve battery life.

✔️ LCD Digital Display shows all settings: heat, timer, battery level, and curl direction.


See The Results For Yourself

Read What People Are Saying 

- Kitty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This product is amazing. I've tried the drybar curler among many others and I simply can't get the trick to curling my hair. I'm very uncoordinated with my hands and this worked so easily. At $50 per blowout session, this literally pays for itself. Cordless is a huge bonus too!
Tip: hold the start button until it beeps
& charge it right away because it does take 4.5 hours
-  Annie Zheng ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I purchased this over the weekend on a whim because I wanted some waves to my hair and not tight curls. I watched loads of youtube reviews on it and decided to take the plunge. Charged it for 3 hours and then got to work. To me, the device is not cumbersome or heavy the way some reviewers mentioned. 

Since I only wanted waves and not tight curls, I used the lowest heat (300F) at six seconds. My hair is fine and medium length. It only took me about fifteen minutes. I am so pleased! The battery appears to still have a full charge based on the icon but I guess I’ll see the next time I use it if the bars are reduced any. If you’re on the fence, get off and order this!!
-  Penny ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Once you get the hang of it, it is amazing. It took a little playing but then every curl came out perfect. You use little bits of hair. It also has a setting to switch the curl from left to right so you're curls go the right direction. This is eady to use and my daughter and i both love it
-  Jenn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I did a lot of research on this type of curler before finally pulling the trigger on this one. I haven't bought any sort of hair device since the '80s, so I'm no expert for sure. It took me a short while to get the hang of this one, but it made beautiful curls in seconds! Even in my stick-straight hates-to-be-curled hair. The curls lasted a good three days, too.

- Didn't have to hold it up like a regular curling iron, so my arms didn't get tired
Heats up quickly and to whatever temp you choose
- Beeps to let you know when to release the curl.
- Charge lasts a long time, so it's good for travel (comes with a velvet-like bag)
If your hair does get stuck (like mine did a couple of times when I tried to curl too much hair at once), press the button a couple of times and it easily releases.

The full directions are clear about how to charge the curler, but you need to refer to the quick-start pictorial guide for detailed curling instructions, especially if you're like me and had no idea how to get started.
All-in-all: I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
- Lana 

I bought this for my 13 year old daughter. She loves it! It is simple to use and very straight forward. It is much easier for her to use than a curling iron. It also allows her to curl her hair in about half the time. The curling machine also protects her from burning herself. We have been very satisfied with this purchase and would recommend this to others as well.
-  Evette Rowley 

I don’t know how I lived without this auto curler! It works flawlessly. It easily switches from right to left side, your hair never gets caught or singes, and it’s cordless. It’s a beautiful, simple design. Just leave the hair in for about 8-10 seconds and it comes out perfectly spiraled. One charges gives you about an hours worth of use time which more than enough for my long hair. Also switches from Celsius to Fahrenheit. This has replaced all of my other hair tools.
-  Trinna ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was so cool! I was so excited when I found this. I have been dying to have a wireless curling iron since I always have issues with the cord getting in the way while I'm curling my hair! I ended up ordering a second one for my 20 year old daughter. Her birthday is coming up and she curls her hair almost every week and she needs one that was good. I love this one so much so I thought she would love it too! It heats up incredibly fast and doesn't take up any room in my bathroom! I was so happy with the price since when I was looking at others they were SO expensive. 
-  Jenn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My friend told me about this curling iron and I am quite impressed. I have tried several hair tools to curl my hair such as using regular curling irons, clampless curling wands and even flat irons. What makes this stand out from the rest is the fact that it feeds your hair in automatically and curls it and the best feature is it being WIRELESS! You don’t have to worry about a cord getting away and you can easily pack this in your bag and is perfect for travel.
You can conveniently take this with you and use it on the go without needing an electrical outlet, as long as it’s charged. This hair tool is rechargeable via micro USB cable that’s included. When charging, the battery indicator on the LCD display will flash and will stop flashing when fully charged. Please note the LCD display will flash three (3) times and the curler will automatically turn off when the battery is low. As a tip, do not use the curler while it’s charging or else it will shorten the battery life.


LCD Display

Temperature setting: 150℃ (300 ℉ ) - 200℃ (400 ℉)
Timer : 8s,10s,12s,14s,16s,18s
Temperature Increasing Indicator
Battery Level Indicator
Temperature Conversion – ℃/℉
Rotation Function: Left and Right Direction

What's in The Box

  • EASYCURL® device.
  • USB cable
  • Comb
  • 2x Hair Pins
  • ​Storage bag
  • ​English Manual


Q: Can it use while charging? in case that didn't finish curling but run out of battery?

Yes, you can do that. Our hair curler is USB rechargeable, you can use it while charging. And charge it with 5V/2A adapter.

Q: Has anyone hair ever got tangled from using this product?

You have to separate the strand of hair and place the top piece in the slot and let the rest of the strand fall down the slot it did make nice curls!

Q: Will this work on super long hair? My hair is past my waist and typically doesn’t work or gets stuck in auto curlers. Will my hair get stuck in this?

No. It might curl part way up but many clients with super long hair tried it, and it would not curl all of their hair. They didn't have any issues with it getting stuck.

Q: How long of hair is too long to use with this curler product? Also what size curls does it make?

Many of our clients have their hair down their waist & it worked fine! & the different heat settings make different curls. Also depends on how long you hold the hair in the curler!

Q: Can I put the Unbound curling iron in my carry on luggage?

Yes. You can take this as a carry-on with no issue.

Q: What are the best temperature/time setting for thin hair?

A: It depends on what types of curled hair you want:
for loose curls, you can set 150-170°C and timer 8-12s
for tight curls, you can set 180-200°C and timer 13-18s

Q: Will it automatically switch off?

A: Yes, it will automatically switch off after 10 mins with no use.
WAS $129.95 
Now $59.95
 60% OFF (Today Only)
+ 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed
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